Stress-Less Holiday Entertaining

Set up a Thanksgiving Buffet

  • This is simple to do and leaves more room at your dinner table for family and friends
  • Use levels to display the food, such as wooden or decorative boxes or dishes turned upside down
  • Choosing a color palette is the first step
  • If you have a theme, make sure it is carried from the buffet to the table
  • Have a separate beverage buffet, it will keep things less congested
  • Add organic material such as gourds and pumpkins and greenery
  • If using greenery such as herbs, make sure they complement the food with their aroma
  • Use place cards to describe each dish you are serving
  • Use candles with mismatched candle holders this adds a sense of warmth and comfort
  • Plan ahead and have little to go boxes, so if you have a lot of leftovers, you can send home a plate with those that would like one