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As first time home owners and building a home, we were so glad we chose Kinning Design Build. Their attention to detail, quick response times, and over all just their genuine care for our wants and needs is unmatched by other contractors we met with. The whole building process went smooth. All our friends and family told us “don’t expect anything to go as you plan. Things will get messed up.” Well, they were wrong. Yes, there were hiccups along the way but things were dealt with in a timely manner that I barely even noticed or cared about the “hiccup”. And I’m convinced it was because we chose KDB. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful and caring family, they are the sweetest. Mike is so good at explaining all the construction things that I didn’t understand. Matt was great at getting things ordered and delivered on time for us. And Mary, she is the glue to it all. She helped me so much through the whole process that I know it was because of her our house turned out perfect. I can’t thank the Kinning Family enough. We LOVE our forever home.
Jesse and Cali Schmidt
"We built our dream home with Kinning Design Build. They went above and beyond throughout the process to ensure we would be happy. I am so grateful for the time, patience, support and expertise they devoted to our family from purchasing the lot to handing over the keys, and all of the countless details in between. The Kinnings are honest, kind, hard-working people who really do make dreams come true."
Andrew & Heather Lange
The quality of our home is impeccable. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows what a perfectionist I can be and I will readily admit it. Your work and that of your sub-contractors never ceases to impress me. Jodi and I take great pride in the ownership of your workmanship!
Dan & Jodi Spiry
Our experience with Kinning Design Build wasn't just satisfactory, it was exceptional! I have worked with contractors in the construction industry during by professional career and can say, unequivocally, that Mike, Mary, and Matt are top-notch. Not only were they receptive to our suggestions and thoughts regarding design and finish, they offered numerous ideas that we incorporated into our home that made it far better than we had ever hoped. Kinning Design Build is a very professional company; the owners have the experience, contacts, and the work ethic to make the home-building experience what it was for us - a pleasant, rewarding, and exciting time in our lives.
Dave & Teri Watermeier
Our experience with Kinning Design Build was incredible. Throughout the building process they were committed to a standard of customer service that was above and beyond our expectations. Kinning Design Build breaks down every "construction stereotype." They promised and delivered on-time construction without fail. The Kinnings have tremendous character and cling to standards of customer service that seem to be too often forgotten. Through the process we gained both a dream home and new friends!
Kurt & Da'Nelle Earl