Create A Porch Space That Leaves Everyone Smiling

Have you ever taken a stroll through the neighborhood and stopped and looked at certain porch or front door? It is usually because there is something eye catching going on whether it is the color of the front door or maybe the decor.  But what all of this has in common is the fact that it is probably clean and colorful.

To get this look make sure your lawn is well maintained and manicured.  This goes for all of the landscape around the house too.  Next, give the porch a good old spray down and scrub getting rid of all the dust, leaves and cob webs from the fall and winter season.

First consider color, try painting the front door.  Pick an inviting color that compliments your house color.  Reds and yellows are trendy right now, but you can think outside the box and find one that you love.  Once you have that done, add a wreath and a welcome mat.

If you have stairs or even one step up, add potted plants or lanterns for that look of depth. Also adding a flag makes a pop and you can change that out for game days of your favorite team.

If you are lucky enough to an extra-large porch with furniture, make sure to have pillows that burst with color.  And always make sure that you have fresh lemonade or a bottle of wine ready for when your neighbors want to relax on that inviting porch.