The She Shed: Man Cave’s Female Counterpart

The concept of a man cave has become a part of our everyday vocabulary but the man cave now has a female competitor. The “She Shed” is becoming increasingly popular as the man cave’s female counterpart. According to in an article by Becky Harris titled, “11 Nominees for the ‘She Shed’ Hall of Fame” the backyard havens are being used for pottery wheels and other artistic escapades, potting plants and gardening, and some are merely being used for napping…beautiful, blissful napping.

A recent article written by the Remodelers Council of Lincoln gives us a comparison of “She Sheds” versus “Man Caves”. While they say man caves would sport a recliner (man and television remote included) a she shed would hold a day bed with decorative throw pillows. A bar/refrigerator is the center of all man cave activity but in a she shed outdoor seating would take the place of the bar scene. Once again while the man cave hosts one or multiple big screen TVs, the secluded female version would boast a reading nook. The designated spots in a man cave for a pool table, darts, and other games would look more like room for crafting, pottery, and gardening supplies in the glorified she shed. And lastly, while the walls of a man cave may be plastered with sports memorabilia and other must have, significant artwork, the she shed would contain chandeliers, flowers, and quirky art.

Nonetheless, the “She Shed” is unique to its user and is fashioned solely for the purpose of whatever the “She” wants it to be. As the man cave competitor, I believe the “She Shed” will only continue to grow in popularity. Check out the links below for more pictures and ideas to begin designing your own “She Shed.”

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Leah Barber