Make your Laundry Room an Oasis

A laundry room is the last place most of us want to be, but it is part of life and without it…..we stink.  Here are some tips that can help make it a little more enjoyable.

  • Spruce it up – Use large decorative glassware to hold your powder detergent or dryer sheets
  • Store it High – Install some racks on the walls and keep them stocked with laundry baskets. Laundry is way better when you are not falling all over it.
  • Double Your Storage – Laundry organizers are a fabulous way to get your laundry organized and know when there is a full load to be done. Another great idea is to attach a laminated note with color codes to it to help your children know what goes in each compartment.
  • Make Ironing a Breeze – Do you want to get out an ironing board every time you need to iron something? Ever thought about attaching one to the back of the door?  Or have a wall mounted one?  Also, if you add aluminum foil under the lining of your board.  The heat it absorbs makes ironing quicker and reduces the need for shirt flipping.
  • A Greener Dryer Sheet – Using a tin foil ball rolled up helps gets the static out of clothes when drying. Or you can invest in wood dryer balls which help too.