Bright and happy, yellow is a fantastic color for the interior of your home. Yellow has always been a popular color, however more often than not, the yellow you see in the can turns a completely different shade when it hits the wall. This phenomenon has to do with the varying shadows and natural lighting in one’s home. A sunflower yellow has the potential to turn into a popcorn butter-yellow once it is applied to the wall.  Jeannie Matteucci from HGTV says that hallways and rooms without windows can benefit greatly from rich shades of yellow. Matteucci agrees yellow is “an uplifting color but you really have to pick the right shade. You want to make sure it’s not too bright or too muted, so use those test cans of paint and look at the yellow on your walls in the different lights of the day.” She recommends a warmer shade of yellow if painting in a kitchen over a lemon yellow. In general, it is best if you know your home, where shadows hit at certain times of day and of course the old trial-and-error method. For more tips and advice on choosing the right shade of yellow for your home, go to



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