TRUST: You must have a great level of trust with your builder, they are handling one of the biggest investments of your life. Check with tradesmen, suppliers and other professionals in the industry to make sure your builder conducts business in an up front trustworthy way.

REFERENCES: No one can tell you more about a builders home than the people that live in them. We provide a list of 28 years of past customers at our initial meeting.

COMPATIBILITY: Your project will take months to complete, so you want to find a builder you can work closely with. Someone who can be a partner throughout the entire process

COMMUNICATION: It is vital to the outcome of your project. Find out how your builder will interact with you. We keep our lines of communication open through phone, text, e-mail and online file sharing as well as a detailed calendar to keep you up to date on the process throughout.

QUALITY: Try to see a project under construction or finished by the prospective builder. Details matter, look for cleanliness and quality of each phase of the project.

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